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2 Visual Kei posters!

First is a SHOXX poster featuring GAZETTE. It's brand-new from one of the most recent issues of SHOXX.

I'm not a GAZETTE fan and would rather sell this than let it take up space on my desk. I'm asking $3 plus shipping for it. Please comment if interested.

Second is a J-POPHOUSE DIR EN GREY laminated poster featuring DIE in one of the band's Macabre-era outfits. Due to the size of this poster and it's unwillingness to bend, I will not ship it in a poster tube. Item is like new and undamaged.

I'd like to get back most of what I paid for on this, about $10. I will accept reasonable offers. Shipping is not included in the price and must be paid for by the buyer. Please comment if interested.

Thank you for looking, and happy shopping o(^-^)b
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