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19 August 2006 @ 01:07 pm
Selling a Beautiful Metamorphose Dress!!  


Meta Pink Princess Princess Lolita = $160 + $20 shipping. I've only worn it once and for under 5 hours at that. It's a beautiful dress and very cute but I do not see myself wearing it or any use for it besides it taking up space in my closet. I rather give it someone who wants it mroe than me I believe I still have the tags but I am not sure.

Another reason to why I'm selling this dress is that its slightly tight around the bust for me, and I'm a 32... and since I really do not want to waste my time losing weight I'm obviously not gonna use might as well sell it.

Paypal is preferred, my paypal name is glaybt@gmail.com


If I don't sell it via LJ then I'll put it up on ebay :/
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