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FS: BtSSB black shirring lolita dress

This dress is brand new. I bought it directly from Baby and received it two days ago.

Shipping would probably be $8. I'm selling it for $190 but $180 is as low as I go.

It can stretch up to a 40" bust but no farther. I'm not sure about the waist ^^; But if it helps, my waist is 37" and it doesn't get all stretched out. It is brand new. I am selling it because I have a Baby dress from closet child and I like that one better.

I take Non Credit Card Paypal (preferred) as well as money orders. I can't be held responsible for money orders that are lost in the mail :(

Please respond here or email me at if you're interested. Right now, I'm only shipping in the U.S. Sorry :(

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