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21 August 2006 @ 12:07 am
Does anyone have a copy of "Four Shojo Stories" by Keiko Nishi, Hagio Moto, and... a 3rd author that they'd like to sell? I'm looking for a copy that's in pretty good condition, not necessarily new.

I also have some things for sale. (for whoever bought the Girl Got Game! books, they should be on their way >__<; media mail is a bit slow!)

$5 each + shipping; shipping is free for any combination of 3 manga or more.
Confidential Confessions vol 2 - Reiko Momochi (stand alone story about a perverted tennis coach sexually harrassing the female student players)
ANGEL - Erica Sakurazawa - (another stand alone story, about an angel and the lives she touches)
Real About High School vol 1 - Reiji Saiga/Sora inoue - (bootylicious eye candy about a fighting school??)
Video Girl Ai vol 1, vol 4 - Masakazu Katsura - (touching shounen story, original big size retailing $15 each)
BASARA vol 7
Kodocha vol 2

Angelic Layer vol 1-3 $15 shipped