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Clothes, Flyers, Makeup

Here are some items I have for sale. Please feel free to make an offer if you don't like my price. Prices include shipping for the U.S. Will ship overseas.
Feedback can be found here.

Black Tank Top From Hong Kong $13
Size: Free (S-M)
This picture doesn't do it justice but my camera is failing me. -_-

Benefit's BadGal Liquid Eyeliner $5 $3 Never Used

D.I.Y. Skirt $13
Size :  28 in waist
9 1/2 in. Long

D.I.Y. Garbage Tour Off The Shoulder Top (Made by Elextralux??) $10
Will fit S-M

Aeropostale Blazer Sz Sm $12

Steel Angel Kurumi Vol 1, 2 $5 each

Good Charlotte D.I.Y. Tube Top (Beccavicious) $5
Sz: Sm

BEBE Halter Top $12
SZ M (Tag is wanting to come off, but the hanger staps still say bebe)

Full Metal Alchemist Double Sided Flyer $3

Lip Service Skirt w/bondage $13
Sz: Small
The cloth loop the bondage straps go through in the back has come undone but it can be resewn but I'm lazy. Otherwise skirts in great condition. One of my favorites actually, but I need to sell it. :(

Purple D.I.Y. Mini-Bell Skirt $8
Sz: Small
Length: 10.5

American Eagle Pink Henley $5
Sz: tag says XS will fit up to M because of stretchy material

My Online Shops
Girls Be Ambitious
Crafty Like A Fox
(Actually my sister's site ^^)
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