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Sailor Moon lockets, wand, more ending today


Tons of Sailor Moon auctions ending today on eBay under seller felicity-chan or in my store: The New Oasis.

There are some rarer items & some items have a Buy it Now

Batman: gorgeous cels of Batman from the Japanese/American animated series from my personal collection. Please give him a good home!

Sailor Moon:

A huge lot which includes cards, dolls, keychains, books, magazines, stationary items, and more!

Plus -

Cards: R/S DX bromides both commons & foils, Graffiti 4 foil WGL #128, PP tattoo & magnet lot, SuperS mini-PP card lot, telephone card

Cel: Mercury, Moon, & Mars group cel

Cosplay Items: SuperS Crisis Compact, Kalaido Moon Wand, Stallion Lave, Irwin Locket

Dolls: Dreampocket Sailor Star Healer, various plush UFO dolls

Figures: Pluto Romantic Heroine figure, Mercury figure mug, Super Sailor Moon figure mug, R chibi suction cup figure set, R unpainted figure set

Gashapon: Pluto keychain, Pluto necklace, R complete sets of chibi figures & plush clip-ons, Uranus figure, Neptune figure, Super Sailor Moon figure, complete magnet set


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