Katchoo (gamingangel) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi! I just bought the dress of my dreams, so I need to unload some skirts I have.

1) Meta Lucky bag black and white skirt. This will fit a 27" waist max. Very cute skirt with built in petticoat. I'm too big for it. lol I have not worn it and it's brand new with tags from the lucky bag. I'd like around $60 for it.

2) Meta Alphabet skirt in blue. This has elastic and will fit a 30" waist. Very cute with a built in petticoat also. I did wear this to AX. I bought it for $100 and am looking for $80. SOLD

3) Innocent World floral skirt. This skirt has two pieces. The skirt and then the underskirt which has ruffles. I bought it from a user here. It will fit 27" waist max. I have not worn it at all. Looking for $70.

I take paypal only. And I'll figure out shipping costs after you give me your destination. Oh and make an offer. I might take it cause I need to sell these! ^_^

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