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21 August 2006 @ 03:05 pm
Anime Dvds, Jpop/Jrock Cds, Manga, Final Fantasy Cards  


Still selling most of my stuff to fix my tooth. Help me pay for a cap! 
I can only accept paypal at this time 

I am willing to haggle the price for most of the items - Just make a (reasonable) offer  ^__^

Click me for Manga! Includes Mars, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Vagabond, Imadoki, Hands Off & more

DVDs including Official R1 of Card Captor Sakura, Full Metal Panic and Arc the Lad

Official R1 Dvds - Japanese Audio only with English Subtitles

Card Captor Sakura - Vol 4 Sakura Fight w/bonus postcard (top left) $24
Card Captor Sakura - Vol 6 Friends and Family - (top right)  SOLD
Card Captor Sakura - Vol 7 Magical Mystery - (bottom left  SOLD
Card Captor Sakura - Vol 8 Sweet Trouble - (bottom right) $20

Card Captor Sakura - Vol 9 Winter Wonderland - left $22
Card Capto Sakura - Vol 10 School Daze - right $21
Card Captor Sakura - Vol 11 Trust w/ bonus postcard -bottom $24

Official R1 Dual Audio Dvds

Full Metal Panic ~ Vol. 1 ~ Comes with reversible cover and bonus poster $15

Arc the Lad ~ Vol. 1 $8

Recently Updated
Many CDs and Singles including Do As Infinity, Glay, Ryuichi Kawamura, Gackt, Luna Sea, & L'arc en Ciel

All are offical japanese release and are in great to excellent condition ~
(no obi's unless stated otherwise)

[ALBUM] Do As Infinity - Break of Dawn (comes with protective slipcover) - $12

[ALBUM} Luna Sea - Shine - $8 (top)
[SINGLE] Luna Sea - Tonight - $5 (some of cover sticker scratched off - see pic)

{SINGLE) GLAY - Hitohiro no Jiyuu $5 (top) (obi)

[ALBUM] L'arc En Ciel - SMILE $5 (u.s version - tofu records)
{SINGLE} GACKT - Kimi no Tame Ni Dekiru Koto $8 (obi)

{SINGLE) Ryuichi Kawamura - Love is $6
{SINGLE) Ryuichi Kawamura - Beat $6

{SINGLE} Ryuichi Kawamura - Glass $6
{SINGLE} Ryuichi Kawamura - I love you $6

Here are some T.M.Revolution Singles -some with Daisuke Asakura

Here is a Heroic Legend of Arislan Sdtrk for sale if any one is interested.
An original sdtrk from 1991 in near mint condition. Extremely hard to find ~ especially in this condition. Asking $45.
More Pictures available ^_^

Also selling an Ayashi no Ceres/Celestial Legend ClearFile.
The only thing wrong with it is that it seems to have some light water spots on the front - barely noticeable. I will try to remove them though. Otherwise, in good condition  $10

I'm also selling a few Final Fantasy VII & VIII art musuem/cardass master cards

They are all in excellent conditon and are the original japanese cards.

#228 - Image Illust - "Strike" (FFVIIIl) [FF Art Museum] $5

#235 - Image CG - "Squall-Image CG" (FFVIII) [FF Art Museum] $6
#234 - Image Ilust - "Worthy Opponent II" (FFVIII) [FF Art Museum] $6

#262 - Movie - "Eyes on me" (FFVIII) [FF Art Museum] $5
#259 - Movie - "Rinoa's Knight" (FFVIII) [Art Musuem] $5
#265 - Movie - "The Time Compressed" (FFVIII) {Art Museum] $4

#120 - Movie - "Meteor in Motion" (FFVII) [FF Art Museum] $3
#464 - Image CG - "The World Linker (FFX) [FF Art Museum] $4

#43 - Laguna Loire (FFVIII) [Cardass Masters] $4
#41 - Quistis Trepe (FFVIII) [Cardass Masters] $4

#49 - Resistance Train(FFVIII) [Cardass Masters] $3
#52 - Garden car (FFVIII) {Cardass Masters] $3
#54 - Scooter (FFVIII) [Cardass Masters] $3
#63 - don't know the title but it's Squall looking up at the Dollet Tower [Cardass} $5

I can only accept paypal at this time (but only direct account to account transfers)