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Selling a bunch of random stuff again

All of this has to go, I have no room for anime magazines and I could use some money for university. D:

Anime Magazines:

All Anime Magazines are priced at $4 USD EACH

Aug. 2000 (Features second CCS movie on cover)

Originally purchased in Japan, November 2002. Rarely looked at since. Features the second CCS movie as well as the second season of CCS. Has a couple of pull out things in the middle which I haven't really looked at. One of them has a small rip, but it's not really noticeable.

Animedia- All Animedia magazines are in used, but okay conditions. No pages are damaged or ripped out. Full-sized posters are not included. Extras are not included unless otherwise stated.

Feb. 2003 (Features Inuyasha on cover)SOLD!

Includes Spiral, Gundam SEED and Sister Princess Re Pure) Valentine's Day stickers at the front, includes articles on series such as Inuyasha, Shaman King, Pita Ten, Spiral, Detective Conan etc. Has pull out things like postcards and a double-sided Gundam SEED/ unknown anime mini poster.

Mar. 2003 (Features Sakura Wars on cover)

Articles on Sakura Wars, Inuyasha, Spiral, Gundam SEED, Sister Princess etc.

Apr. 2003 (Features Spiral ~suiri no kizuna~ on cover) SOLD!

Includes a bunch of mini stickers, a few pull out booklets, double sided mini poster of Gundam SEED/Galaxy Angel. Has articles on Spiral, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Konjiki no Gash Bell (I think that's the name?), DNAngel, Galaxy Angel, Stellvia of the Universe (tell me if I'm getting these series names wrong >_>; ), Digi Charat, Kaleido Star etc.

May 2003 (Features Matantei Loki Ragnarok on cover)

Includes articles on MaLoki, Digi Charat, DNAngel, E's Otherwise, Inuyasha, Gundam SEED, GetBackers etc. and...character designs for MaLoki. :O

Jun. 2003 (Features DNAngel on cover)SOLD!

Includes articles on DN Angel, Gundam SEED, Digi Charat, er.. a series about a singing mermaid, I think?, E's Otherwise, Naruto, Inuyasha, etc. and also DNANgel character designs.

Jul. 2003 (Features Gundam SEED on cover)

Includes a Digi Charat sticker (envelope opened as you can see in the photo), double sided Gundam SEED/DN Angel mini poster, they also have some "top 22 anime series" feature, which includes Shaman King, Gundam SEED, Spiral, etc.

Aug. 2003 (Features Matantei Loki Ragnarok on cover)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Includes a bunch of mini stickers at the front and articles on MaLoki, DNAngel, GetBackers, Gundam SEED, Digi Charat etc. Has a crease in the bottom left corner of the cover, but it's not really noticeable.

Jun. 2005 (Features Tsubasa Chronicle on cover)

Includes Tsubasa, Gundam SEED, Erementer Gerad and Gakuen Alice stickers (as well as postcards for those series, along with Negima), articles on Tsubasa, Gundam SEED, err Ah! My Goddess (I think? >_>), character designs for Loveless :O etc. Oh, it also comes with a Negima class list character guide book.

USA Newtype- Newtype magazines are in used but okay conditions. They do not include any extras.

Mar. 2004
Jul. 2004


Anime Magazine Extras:

(I believe they're called furoku or something? >_>;)

Magazine Extras are priced at $3 each, $2 if you also buy one of the above magazines.

Animedia- Because I took them all out years ago, I have no idea which extras correspond with which magazine. All magazine extras are in good condition unless otherwise stated.

2003-2004 CalendarSOLD!

Price: $2, $1 if bought with a magazine. This one is cheaper cause it's an outdated calendar. >_>;

Features anime series such as DN Angel, Spiral, Digii Charat and Gundam SEED

Spiral ~suiri no kizuna~ / Sister Princess Re Pure guide booklet

Half of the booklet is for Spiral and the other half for Sister Princess. Both series have character guides and info on the anime.

Seiyuu Data File 2003SOLD!

This booklet has profiles of a ton of anime seiyuu. Each profile includes a picture and a filled out questionnaire-survey thing. Tiiiny rip on the last page, but it's not noticeable.

Summer Postcard Set 2003SOLD!

Includes postcards for MaLoki, Gundam SEED, DN Angel, GetBackers, etc.

Anime Song Collection 2003 (Sheet music!)

Includes lyrics for the OPs and EDs of series such as MaLoki, DNAngel, E's Otherwise, Digi Charat, Stellvia, PoT, Naruto Inuyasha etc. Also includes simple sheet music for one song from each series. Back cover top corner is folded over a bit, but otherwise in good condition.

Gundam SEED Cruising GuidesSOLD!

Guides include episode summaries, character and gundam designs. The red one goes from ep. 1-14 and the yellow goes from 15-26.


All Hello Kitty and other Japanese character goods are official. No fakes.

Hello Kitty mini backpack plushies

Price: $5 each, $8 for both

Both backpack plushies came together in the Hello Kitty ziplock bag shown above. If you buy both, you get the ziplock bag too. Both plushies have never been taken out of the bag until I had to take pictures of them. In fact, I didn't know they had zippers and straps on the back until now. XD; The pink one has a bit of a darker tinge than the black one, but that's how it came like.

100% Wool/Sheep/Cloud thing hair elastic

Price: $3

I'm not exactly sure what the character is supposed to be, it says 100% Wool on the packaging but it can also be a sheep or cloud..thing. o_O Anyhow, hair elastic has never been taken out of its package.

Panda-Z Figurine keychain

Price: $5

The packaging is dented in the front, but the figurine is perfectly fine. Never been opened before. I'd keep it if I already didn't have a million keychains. x_x

Traditional Hello Kitty design tissue holder

Price: $7

Really pretty traditional Japanese design with Hello Kitty theme. Comes with a pack of Hello Kitty tissues. Great for people on the go who have difficulties finding a pack of tissues in their bags. XD I guess it can also hold other things too. Brand new, has never opened before.

Hello Kitty handkerchief/scarf

Price: $6
It's made of a light, semi-see through cloth and has a Japanese styled design on it. Opened, but I've never really had any use for it. Has been sitting on my shelf and kept clean and in good condition.

Charmmy Kitty keychains

Price: $4 each, buy both for $6.

Charmmy kitty keychains have never been opened...and there's a variety of different ones you can get, but since they've never been opened, you can't really tell which one you get. >_>; I don't really want to open them, but if someone's interested and wants me to open one, then I will. What's included in the package is: a Charmmy Kitty figurine (shown in the second picture, remember you may or may not get that same one), a clear or pink plastic star or heart and the chain that holds them together of course. The second picture above only shows the figurine cause the rest of the keychain got lost in my bundle of keychains. ;~;

Hello Kitty black poodle pen

Price: $3

Never opened before. Pink pen comes with a little black poodle figure. Should be a fairly comfortable grip.

Special Universal Studios Japan Hello Kitty plushie

Price: $14

This is great for Hello Kitty collectors. This plushie was bought last May at Universal Studios Japan and of course you can't get it anywhere else. Plushie material is really soft and fluffy, kinda towel-like. The tags are still attached and the plushie has been kept in good, clean condition. On the back of her jean jacket, it says "Universal Studios Japan". I hate to be parting with her, I hope she gets a good home. ;~;

Special Universal Studios Japan Hello Kitty photoframe

Price: $8

This was also bought at Universal Studios Japan and cannot be found anywhere else. The photoframe is made of rubbery material. Nice design too~

Charmmy Kitty mini notebook

Price: $6

Really cute stationary..I couldn't bear to write in the notebook. XD; Comes with two different designs, one with pink paper and the other with white. All pages have lines.

Hello Kitty thank you notes and envelopes pack

Price: $8

Comes with 12 thank you notes and envelopes in all and there's two different designs of the thank you notes. Never used before and comes with a clear button up pocket thing. Great to use when you need to write those annoying thank you cards for gifts.

Monokuro Boo Flipflop sandals

Price: $6

Flipflops have been taken out of their packaging, but they've never been worn. I'm not really a flipflop wearing person, but I had to buy them cause they had Monokuro Boo piggies on it. >_>;;

Cinnamaroll Sticker Pack

Price: $3

Comes with a bunch of small stickers and then a huge one to put on binders and stuff. o_O;

Bunny and Animal stickers

Price: $1 each

Self explanatory~ ^^;


If you are interested in anything, leave a comment with your email.

First 10 orders to come in get a free Nyanko-chan pencil~ 8D;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


All items from a smoke-free, pet-free household. All prices are in USD.
PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, SOME PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. We'll talk and see, okay? I'm a flexible persion. :D


Shipping includes cost of the envelope and Canada Post shipping.

I will ship to Canada and the US. As for internationally...we'll talk and see. ^^; Shipping costs depends on where you live.


I'll accept concealed cash by registered mail (both Canadian and US currencies (Canadian is preferred though) and Paypal. If you're paying by credit card through Paypal, you'll have to pay the extra fee.


Email: adora.tam[at]gmail.com


There's a lot here and..there's more coming tomorrow once I get the pictures uploaded. u_u;;
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