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22 August 2006 @ 03:01 pm
I found a few mangas that I don't want.
A copy of Fatal Fury 2 on VHS.
& 3 binder sheets full of Sailor Moon cards.

Manga are $5 each.

The cards are in binder sheets and are filled front and back.
Which means there's approx 18 cards in each sheet.
The cards are a mix of trading cards and the Sailor Moon card game cards.
$ 2.00 each

Fatal Fury 2 is $8

Shipping is $4.50 flatrate on any item,
and shipped via priority mail which takes about 2 - 5 days to arrive.
Insurrance is NOT included on the items so if they're lost/damaged after I ship then I cannot be held responsible. BUT insurrance is available for $1.35 extra.

Feed back is on my LJ.

I take concealed cash AYOR and paypal.

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misuramisura on August 23rd, 2006 08:02 am (UTC)
Would you also be willing to ship internationally? I'm interested in buying My Only King.