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22 August 2006 @ 03:36 pm
I bought this Oblivion BxW dress from Bodyline, thinking that since it was such a low price it would be an all right loli dress to wear more often.
It arrived just this afternoon, and it turns out the sleeves are too thin for my arms. Also, the dress is too short on me (I'm 5'10", so I'd reccomend this dress for girls 5'6" and under).  Other than that, the material is soft (not scratchy), and everything is in perfect condition.
It has only been tried on once and will be sent with original tags (still attached) and bag.

Here is the Bodyline image:

I paid a total of $86 CN for this dress, so I'm going to sell it for the low price of $70 US, $75 including shipping within North America. 
Note: This is less than the actual exchange rate from www.xe.com! You are getting a great deal on this dress - never worn, in perfect condition!

Anyone interested please comment here or email kagyaku@gmail.com