pegasusmaiden (pegasusmaiden) wrote in garagesalejapan,

AppleSugar Fall Collection

If you are not familiar with AppleSugar, we are a US based lolita brand that started last year. We are still in our pioneer stage of building an audience for this style. Hopefully you will see something from us that will tickle you fancy.

To see more pictures visit the main website and click on "Photo Gallery"

first of our wa-loli set for the fall modelled by Courtenay

Amber in our Angela Top and Tulle Skirt/petticoat

Thereasa in applesugar's Maryann Lace-up top, peter-pan collar blouse, and full length ruffle skirt

Courtenay again in our Little Devil Top one of our more daring specimens in moving towards punk loli and a little bit of ero.

leila-anne in applesugar lacy blouse, and double layer ruffle skirt, and alice bow.

Here is leila looking Smexy in "hell bound" top

Then we stuck her into our black loli dress because she is just so cute. :P

This season we have more a hand in punk and ero than our previous seasons, but we still managed to keep one or two classics in. :P heehee you guys will see in the next picture of what we cooked up for our ero-lolis. heehee

Also We are cooking up another line of clothing, not directly related to lolita, but just as fun.

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