zombie a go go (_mistress) wrote in garagesalejapan,
zombie a go go


Hey everyone! I'm kinda new but not really because I have been in this community before but I left. Though! I do have three manga's for sale (yes, only three because I loff my manga's dearly and am not in dire need of money enough to sell more...plus I can't find them all in my boxes)

Mars Vol. 1 - $7.00
Level C Vol. 1 - $7.00 {I have two copies for sale)
Level C Vol. 2 - $7.00
SOLDGravitation Vol. 1-4 DVD SET - $40 per vol - $11SOLD
Eerie Queerie Vol. 2 WITH POSTER INSERT- $7.00

If you want any of these let me know, I accept PayPal and Money orders.

If I find more that I am willing to sell I will post them up here before slapping them up on ebay. LJ gets dibs first!

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