82828 (muscatlove) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime/manga/Japanese goods sale!

It's sales time again - I want to be able to see my living room floor someday. XD;; All items leftover or taken off hold from the last sale are relisted, lots at lower prices. Please check them out at my sales journal muscatlove_sale! Lots of free stuff up for grabs, too!

TeniMyu Hyoutei + Dream Live 3rd "Report & Dance" doujinshi! (eBay)

Prince of Tennis: Rikkai doujinshi
Prince of Tennis: Seigaku & Hyoutei doujinshi
Prince of Tennis official & doujinshi circle-made merchandise
Doujinshi from other series (Ouran HS Host Club, Death Note, Kyou Kara Maou, Scryed, Hikaru no Go)
Other anime/character goods (Keroro Gunsou, Howl's Moving Castle, Sailormoon, Qoo, Disney, & more!)
Be-Boy yaoi manga
Anime magazines
Japanese books & CDs
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