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JRock Stuff for Sale


I'll be selling some of my old JRock stuff. Some include:

Gackt's Photobook
Malice Mizer VHS and CD
Dir en Grey Postcard Set and Kasumi Single
Old Magazines
Kagrra Sticker Sheet
Etc. ~

I'm clearing some of my old stuff so please take these off my hands XD I live in Singapore, so postage might be quite expensive for those living in America or Europe. Most of the items have an extra USD3 handling fee which are not included in the price below. Items are all in good condition ^^

Gackt For Dears ~Feter nos retrouvailles~ (Photobook. Good condition)
Price: USD40

Vicious December 2000 [Gackt and Raphael on cover. Features Plastic Tree, Lareine (Kamijo), SOPHIA, La'cryma Christi, Janne Da Arc, Sex Machine Guns] (Good condition)
Price: USD12

HV June 2000 [Gackt and Pierrot on cover. Features Malice Mizer, Plastic Tree and Raphael] (Condition: Bottom left of cover has a little bend but doesn't leave lines. Side of magazine has small yellow marks due to age. Other than that, the magazine is in good condition.)

Next is my Dir en Grey postcard (also serves as a sticker) set. It's sort of Limited Edition since you can't get it anymore except from the live itself. I hope to get USD40 for this cause it's really nice and is still in perfect condition. But do give me your offers ^^ The current offer from another community is now currently at USD22~

Next, I have my Kasumi single CD which has never been opened and is in perfect condition. I hope to get USD18 for this to at least cover some of my costs but again, give me your offers~

Saikai no Chi to Bara:

Price: USD30
[Perfect condition and has never been watched before ^^]

Bara no Kiseki:

Price: USD39
[Has one needle prick on the front cover x__x Note the little white dot slightly below the words "Malice Mizer"? Other than that, perfect condition and has only been watched once.]

Voyage CD:

Price: USD30
[CD Cover has many feather-fine scratches but I'll be replacing the cover to an exact same one. So no worries ^^ CD's condition is perfect.]

Mini flyers from Kagrra with printed on handwriting and message: USD2

Kagrra Sticker Sheet: USD6ea

Sugizo cum Psycho le Cemu Flyer: USD2

Deadman cum Nightmare Flyer (Double Sided. The one I'm selling is the green version so there won't be any fingerprnt marks): USD2

D'espairs Ray cum Nightmare cum Syndrome: USD2

Fool's Mate June 2001 Features: Sugizo (10 pages), Due le Quartz (4 pages), Sophia, Janne Da Arc, wyse, Dope Headz, Gackt (6 pages), Kagrra (2 pages), Syndrome, JILS, cali#gari, Plastic Tree (3 pages), Pierrot (5 pages), Dir en Grey (6 pages, feat. images from Macabre), etc.: USD15

That's all the pictures I can put up for now~ If you want pictures of the items which I have not put up, you may leave a comment and I'll get to it right away. Thanks! You may contact me at emiru369@hotmail.com ^^
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