Nic (worldofnic) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Getting closer!

Ok, I am so close to finishing my SM DVD collection but there are still a few more DVDs I need to purchase. I look here, ebay,, and just about everywhere else I can think of, and I post here periodically to check if anybody's got something they'd like to sell. Anyways, I am looking for the following DVDs-

- Sailor Scouts to the Rescue (region 1)
- The Man in the Tuxedo Mask (region 1)
- Sailor Moon R Vol. 8 + box (region 2)
- PGSM Special Act + box (region 2)

I know the odds of finding one of these, especially the two with the boxes, is extremely little, but just know that I WILL pay what you originally paid for them. Actually, if you have any of the region 2 boxes I may be interested, just comment.

So anyway, please comment if you have one and sorry I am not interested in purchasing bootlegs :) Thanks!
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