liz (sakurakurakura) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Dir en grey, GRIM, hide, Syndrome, Gackt!

Hey guys, I have some jrock stuff up for direct sale... but first a reminder that my jrock lot up for grabs on eBay ends in just over an hour! It's cheap for how much stuff you're getting, and only has three watchers! Check it out!

Now, onto items for direct sale! I'm moving and I need to desperately get rid of this stuff. All prices include shipping throughout the United States, the second price amount is what international buyers should add for shipping. Paypal is preferred, but if you really insist on sending money via mail, please make sure it is a money order.

Dir en grey FILTH single and black/silver armband. -- $15.00 (+3 international).
On hold until payment arrives.

Both are authentic from Japan.

GRIM//グリム CD. -- $7.00 (+3 international).
On hold until payment arrives.

This CD has four songs on it, and is the second press print. Authentic from Japan.

Tamaly Bar coaster. -- $20.00 (+2.00 international)

This is a coaster from Gackt's former, fan club only bar. It really is. Made of thick paper-- I recommend it as a collector's item, not to use every day.

SYNDROME (Matina, Kisaki) poster. -- $20.00 (+5.00 international).

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