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End of Summer Sale!

Hello Everyone! I have a handful of manga and a couple of DVDs that I have on sale. Nothing too fancy.

manga preview

All these Manga are in excellent consdition. There are dust and minor bends due to light reading and storage. Click on the title to view photo.

Magic Knights Rayearth #1 $7
Host Club #3, $9 [This item is like new; only read once!]

Each Fushigi Yugi manga is $8
Fushigi Yugi #3
Fushigi Yugi #5
Fushigi Yugi #7
Fushigi Yugi #8
Fushigi Yugi #9 [I have two of these]

Sailor Moon #11, [Japanese Language (under question) manga]

DVDs: No scratches and watched only once. Each is $10. For both, $15.

X/1999 Movie
Excel Saga, Series #1

If any is interested. Please pay $3 for shipping, if you are not purchasing any thing else on this list.

CMX Preview 2006 (Includes MegaTokyo) TRADED
Shojo Beat #1, Spring/Summer 2005
Shounen Jump 2006

I accept Paypal Direct Tranfer, check, money order and well-concealed cash (at your own risk). Please either leave a comment or email me at

Thank you!!! ^_^
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