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I stumbled on a random blog a while ago and in one of posts the owner of the blog posted the cutest accessories! These are the pictures (that I uploaded on tinypic so I wouldn't be stealing her bandwidth XD)

(Tell me if you want me to LJ cut them.)

According to what I can gather from her blog, she lives in Tokyo and her boyfriend bought it for her. In that post she linked to a site called Pinky & Dianne so I thought maybe I could get it there but I couldn't find them. I found a store but I don't see any accessories in it.

I left a comment on her blog but I don't think I got an answer. I don't understand what she's saying in her blog very well so I don't know what to do =|

If anyone could help me find those accessories or something like it then I'll be really grateful, thanks!

Someone from another community helped me out and said that I probably won't be able to find them online anytime soon... This is a long shot but I'm hoping that someone that lives in Japan (specifically the Tokyo area) can help me out.


Also, my Pencil Raffle is ending soon! Only 4 people have entered and there's 3 prizes... so they have a 75% chance of winning right now XD That means if you enter you'll have a high chance of winning something too! (I think I'll give a prize to everyone who participated ^^)
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