minagi184 (minagi184) wrote in garagesalejapan,

4 jrock SHOXX posters

I'm getting rid of these because I'm running out of room, I'd like the money for more magazines, and I don't even like Nightmare or Miyavi. XD Well, not anymore at least.


Poster from Shoxx volume 158 never used. $13

Poster from Shoxx volume 150 apparently I used it because it has sticky tape residue on the back of the corners, but it has no tape on the front. $13

Poster from Shoxx volume 143, I like this one (red, it goes with my room xD) so I'd hate to see it go for less than $15, unless this isn't the first one to go. I've taped the corners up and one corner is torn under the tape. I figured I might give the chance to someone who's been looking for this as long as I was selling the others, since Yomi is just so adorable sitting on the floor in this one. XDD


Poster from Shoxx volume 149 never used. $13

I would really prefer paypal so I can send these out asap. If you can't pay that way I'll take a money order, check or well-disguised cash from inside the US only. US shipping is a one-time fee of $4.50, $8 for Cananda and $10 for anywhere else in the world that the post office will ship to.
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