Kayt (7days) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTT/FS Pullip


So, I preo-ordered the october Taeyang, Shade, from http://www.pullipstyle.com

I was looking for a split partner since I have no need for his outfit and accessories. (Although I do want his wig and eye chips.) In October, they are also releasing a Phantom of the Opera costume for the Taeyang. I was wondering if anyone would want to split it by a) buying the outfit and accessories or b) trading for the Phantom outfit.

I will pay for shipping to ship to you and I will add in some money for you to ship the other outfit to me if there is a trade.

Post a comment here or e-mail me at DancerKayt@gmail.com

P.S. You will need to Pre-order the costume from Pullipstyle.com. So, the owner can either directly send you Shade's outfit and me the Phantom costume or we can send it after they have both arrived to us.
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