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Heyas, back again to sell some more stuff!
Please, Make Offers!!
I accept paypal & money orders.

All Artbooks are priced at 25$ unless noted otherwise, all are still in mint condition. They are (excluding The Art of Card Captor Sakura) in Japanese.
Shipping on Artbooks is 6$ US. (Shipping insurance is optional for an extra dollar)

Top from Left - Ayashi no Ceres, The Art of Card Captor Sakura(15$), Card Captor Sakura Season 2, Gravitation
Bottom from Left - Fushigi Yuugi, CCS 1st Movie, CCS 2nd Movie, Fruits Basket

All Manga are priced at 5$, all are in perfect condition(some never even read before) Details below picture. Shipping is 3$ with optional insurance for 1$

English Manga: Demon Diary 1, Gravitation 1-3 + 5, Saiyuki 1, Card Captor Sakura 1, Card Captor Sakura; Master of the clow 1-3, Crest of the Stars 1, FLCL 1
Japanese Manga: Gravitation 4

Please feel free to make offers! Combine shipping on multiple items!
See more in my personal journal!
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