Ritsuko (mirokus_heir) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Everything must go! Anime and manga!

I am in a hurry to sell some things to get together money for school. Everything on this list must go ASAP. I am willing to make deals with the more you buy. Please take a look; all of my items are like new and have been treated kindly.

Excel Saga 1-4 ($8 each, or $25 for all)

Manga (in English): (all books $5 each)
Ceres Cesestial Lagend (old big book format) #1-2
The Demon Ororon #1
Full Metal Panic Overload! #1
Gals! #1-2
Hikaru no Go! #1-2
Megatokyo #1-2 (! is the first edition with a dust jacket)
Planet Ladder #2
Princess Tutu #1 (SOLD)
Revolutionary Girl Utena #1-3 (old big book format), (#4 new format)
Vision of Escaflowne #1-2
X:1999 #1-3 (old big book format), #4-8, #10 (new format)

Manga (in Japanese): (all books $10 each)
Codename Sailor V (1st release) #1-2

Manga (Yaoi): ($7 each unless otherwise noted)
Antique Bakery #1
La Esperanca #1
Shinobu Kokoro ($6)
Skyscrapers of Oz ($5)

Prices do not include shipping. But I can ship about 2 books/dvd's for $3, ask me the price with however many more you would like. Thanks for looking! X3
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