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I'm heading off to college in about a month and I need to start getting rid of some of my stuff. Here's a bunch of mangas I'm selling uber cheap. All of 'em are in English.

Everything is $4 a volume unless stated otherwise

Shipping is $2 for one or two mangas, $2.50 for 3-6 mangas, $4 for 7-12, and if you're getting more than that then I'll look it up for you :3 This is shipping within the US, anything shipped overseas might have an extra cost tacked onto it. I'm not sure how expensive it'll be!

I prefer Paypal (non-credit card unless you wants to cover the extra fee that comes with it) but I also accept money order and well concealed cash. The last two are sent at your own risk and I can't be responsible for anything lost in the mail :/ If something does happen, however, contact me and we'll see if we can figure something out.

All of the books are in very good condition ranging from "never read" to "read quite a bit but taken good care of :3"

Alichino Volume 1

Eerie Queerie Volume 1

Fruits Basket Volumes 2 and 3

Gravitation Volume 1

Guru Guru Pon-Chan Volume 1

Kill Me, Kiss Me Volume 3

Othello Volumes 1-7 (full series) If you get the entire series you'll only pay $24 instead of $28 :3 1-3 are the only ones available now!

Vampire Game Volumes 1-8 Not the full series, but if you get all the volumes I have then I'll only charge $25. The edges of the spines are a little banged up but nothing terribly damaging.

Tokyo Boys & Girls Volume 1 on hold

Megatokyo Volume 1 (only $2!)

Shojo Beat Manga Sampler Volume 1 (only $2!)

Pictures available on request! Either comment here or email me at lavendorgem@hotmail.com. I'd prefer if you would comment here first though, so I can keep track of who called dibsies first ^^;
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