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26 August 2006 @ 03:46 pm
Thanks for the help in my last post! I'm still looking for them though XD

Tomorrow will be the end of my Pencil Raffle! If your username is NOT on the Status so far list, that means you haven't paid yet and you will not be included in the raffle.

Prices has been reduced for the month of August only! Please visit my selling entry for some great supplies for school and discounts! If you don't like some of prices of the items you may make an offer ^^ I need to get this stuff out of my hands before school starts XP

Part of my raffle!

Almost all out!

Want a cute eraser for that pencil?

Two of them are kissing =O

You can put your notebooks inside!

Decorate your notebooks ^^

Decorate your backpack!

Writing books!!!

Lots of stationary!
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