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Going to Japan next month, so I want to make both extra money and extra room for all the crap I'm going to bring back. :D Please make an an offer if you think my listed price is too high; I really want to get rid of this stuff!

Manga - $2 each except where noted:
Legal Drug 1-2
Paradise Kiss 1-5
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3
Hitsuji no Namida 1
God Child (Count Cain) 1-8
Ribon magazines from 2002-2004, random furoku, one issue of Asuka magazine
English-language Sailor Moon monthly comics from around 1999-2000
Aishiteruze Baby stationary
Full Moon wo Sagashite jewelry box with pin/necklace/ring/hair ties
Full Moon wo Sagashite trading card holder

Rare Malice Mizer books

Dir en grey
KinKi Kids
Psycho le Cemu
Malice Mizer

ATTN: Please don't ask me to hold an item if you can't pay within a week. I will make exceptions, but not very often. I do not enjoy setting an item aside, expecting payment for weeks and finally being told "I don't want it anymore". Please don't subject me to this D:
Payment methods: Concealed US cash, checks (10-day clearing period), US-currency international or domestic POSTAL money orders, paypal.

Freebies: Are only free if you buy one of my other items. One freebie per person, unless you're buying a lot of stuff or I like you. :P
Shipping: I send everything by USPS. This means that the minimum shipping charge will be $4 (Priority mail, up to six CDs). If you live outside of the US, depending on method minimum shipping charge is from $5-9.

Authenticity, region, language, all that crap: All DVDs are R2. Everything is Japanese press. Absolutely no bootlegs or overseas press. All manga is in Japanese.
Conditions: Everything is in good condition unless otherwise noted. Buy with confidence; no one has ever complained about what I sent them. XD;


Malice Mizer - sans retour Voyage "derniere" DVD. Watched a couple of times, awesome concert. $35 shipped within US.
Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round single. First press DVD+CD version. $8.

rice - Haruka, Kurogane singles. $8 for Haruka, $10 for Kurogane or both for $20 shipped within US.
GLAY - Rare Collectives v. 1&2. Each volume contains two discs. There are 20+ songs on each volume. Slipcases on both have light scratches from sitting around with other CDs for the past three years. $13 each or both for $25 shipped within US OBO.

J-FRIENDS - Next 100 Years single. Freebie.
KinKi Kids - SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! single. Limited edition special booklet version. $8.

Dir en grey - withering to death.
This is the first press, beautiful condition. Includes lyrics booklet with English translations for the songs. Taking offers on this, starting at $20 - currently $27.

Dir en grey - VULGAR
First press, Obscure DVD edition. Slipcase has some light wear, but CD/DVD and inside contents are great. Taking offers starting at $15 - currently $15.

Dir en grey - Kimon PV DVD. Has all of their PVs from Macabre to Kisou. $30 shipped OBO.

For some reason, I keep wanting to type "mookz". D:

Malice Mizer - Aa, Mujou black book (AKA Black Bible)
Hardback, comes with a slipcase. 180 pages. Features Klaha, Mana, Kozi and Yu~ki, along with a little Kami. Out of print - taking offers starting at $15 - currently $35.

Malice Mizer - Aa, Mujou white book (AKA White Bible)
Hardback, comes with a slipcase. 240 pages. Features Mana, Klaha, Kozi and Yu~ki as well as a tribute to Kami, with pictures. Out of print - taking offers starting at $15 - currently $35.

Malice Mizer - eternite file
This book is very rare and usually expensive. I've had mine for four years and so there is some light wear on the cover, and a ding on the top of the back cover, like something was pushed against it for some time.
Contents are in great condition. This is a gorgeous book, and contains all of MM's photoshoots in UV/HV magazine from their going-major period (1997) to their hiatus (2001). Very out of print. Taking offers starting at $20 - currently $55.


Paradise Kiss 1-5. Obi are in good condition on all of them except volume 1. The books themselves are in great condition. $5 each or $25 shipped within US for all of them.

Legal Drug by CLAMP, v. 1-2. There is slight damage to the top of volume 1's slipcover. $4 each or $7 for both.

Hitsuji no Namida 1 - $2

Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3; complete. $3 each or all for $10 shipped within US.

Count Cain 1-8; complete. Great condition. $4 each or all for $28 shipped within US.

Ribon magazines:

Various Ribons from 2002-2004, plus one Asuka. As pictured. YOU PAY SHIPPING, YOU CAN HAVE THE MAGS FOR FREE.

Sailor Moon comics published by Mixx and Tokyopop. Something like 16-23. $1 each or all for $10 shipped.

Aishiteruze Baby stationary. 4 envelopes, around 12 sheets of paper, one sheet of stickers and a hard case for it all to go in. Very cute design; name your price and I'll probably take it.

Full Moon wo Sagashite zenin box. Very very cute, great condition. Mirrored box contains a Mitsuki-chan pin, flower necklace that says "Full Moon", a ring, a hair clip and a hair tie. None of the stuff has ever been used. $3.

Full Moon wo Sagashite zenin trading card holder. Big, spongy material cover. I have two of these; one has not been opened - both came with a full page of Full Moon cards that have the cover image split up on the backs of them and the opposite side is shown in the pictures. Also has a big picture of Mitsuki and Eichi in the front. The one that HAS been opened has a few extra cards; they are shown in the last picture. $5 each.

Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions please let me know. :)

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