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Gravitation manga, complete set 1 - 12. Some have a little shelf wear because I've had them since they first came out. But most are in great condition and some are like they just came off the shelf at the bookstore. None of the volumes have any rips, bends, tears or stains. The mini posters were taken out but will all be included in the package.

FREEBIES: You'll get a free sheet of Gundam Wing stickers and two sheets of Saiyuki stationary! You will also get your choice of one of three yaoi mangas, free! By taking one of them you agree that you are of legal age to view such graphic material, and therefore I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens henceforth.

Price including shipping: $70

Buy the Gravitation fanbook with this purchase and get it for only $9 more! { Which is a great price, it costs $20 everywhere else with shipping not included. } Buy the fanbook by itself for $15 shipped~. ^^

Information: Right now I can only accept concealed cash or money order. I reccommend money order for the mangas because I don't think anyone should send that much cash through the mail~. I ship only within the US { Not including Hawaii or Alaska. }

Freebies with the purchase of Gravitation manga complete set:

The mangas are Haru wo Daite Ita volume one, Mamotte Agemasu and Sunao ni Nare. Please choose which one you would like for free! { All in japanese language and in great condition~. }

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the Saiyuki stationary yet but you will get one piece of two different styles. =D

Gravitation Artbook { Can be purchased with the mangas for $9 or without them for $15 shipped. } Has some cover wear but no tears, stains or bends of the pages!

Poster inside the artbook

Sample pages:

Check out my journal as well for more things I have up for sale! Lots of DVDs, some mangas and some other misc things. Prices lowered~. ^^
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