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Summer manga sale

Due to a severe lack of space on my bookshelves, I'm looking to get rid of the following manga. I'd prefer to sell them as sets, but if there's one specific volume you want, just comment and we'll see from there.

All manga are in English.

B.B. Explosion vol. 1-5 (complete) $20 or trade
Beyond My Touch (one-shot)
Full House vol. 1-3 (incomplete) $10 or trade
Kare First Love vol. 1-7 (incomplete) $25 or trade
Mars vol. 1-10, 13, 15 (incomplete, series has got 15 volumes total) $40 or trade
Model vol. 1-7 (complete) $30 or trade
Silent Möbius vol. 9-12 (incomplete, end of series) $17 or trade
Sensual Phrase vol. 1-6, 8 (incomplete) $30 or trade
Tuxedo Gin vol. 1-10 (incomplete) $40 or trade
The Wallflower vol. 1-6 (incomplete) $25 or trade

I'll trade 2-to-1 for Full Metal Alchemist vol. 3, 4 or 7+, 3-to-1 for Ouran Highschool Host Club vol. 1 or 2. For other titles, it depends on how many volumes you want, and which you're offering to trade.

Prices do not include shipping.
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