Ms. Faggot-face (r4z0rb14d3) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Ms. Faggot-face

Anyone like antique-ish Japanese comic books and/or art books?

Warning: fairly large photos. maybe. kinda. :D

[Lemon People Comic Book Issue 1]

[Lemon People Issue 2]

[Lemon People Issue 3]

[Lemon People Issue 4]

[Lemon People Issue 5]

[Lemon People Issue 6]

[Lemon People Issue 7]

[Lemon People Issue 12]

[Macross Flashback 2012]

[Macross Graffiti 1983]

[Macross Super Dimension Fortress 1984]

[Japanese Phonebook FRONT]

[Japanese Phonebook BACK]

[Robotech Artbook 1]

[Robotech artbook 2]

[Robotech Artbook 3]

[Satoshi Urushihara Cell Works Art Book FRONT]

[BACK -sorry, was a little bit crooked when placed on scanner]

[Super Genius Vs. Little Devil FRONT]

[Super Genius Vs. Little Devil BACK]

Will have more stuff for sale later, but my Photoshop is acting up so i can't resize anything atm.

ALL books except for Lemons People are from the 1980s.
ALL are in wonderful condition.

Will accept most forms of payment.
Thanks! :D

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