♥ Joa ♥ (joa_stuff) wrote in garagesalejapan,
♥ Joa ♥

New beanie!

Wee! I've completed some items since my last post :D!

*Please note that I DO NOT own any of the characters that I have used as designs in some of my scarves. They are copyrighted to their repspective owners and these things I make are merely fan items! Please check out their website for official products.

Here are some examples of the FRUiTS-y (and lots of times fruity!) items I have made:

For more, follow the cut! Or visit my website: http://incandescence.shinjuu.net! It's still relatively new, so I'm willing to cut anyone a deal ^-^! Also, I love to do trades! I have a wishlist in my site, but I'm willing to look at anything.

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