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I'd like a few Saiyuki Items

Hi, well im going to try my hand a finding a few things im looking for (HAHA)

ok, i am looking for

Almost any jap magazines that have Saiyuki in them on the cover or specail items inisde!
ok next

I'd like Saiyuki's Goku 1/8 figure. In box out of box i really dont mind either way!

and 3rd
I am looking for Saiyuki Reload Gunlock PS2 game.

and last but not least.

Saiyuki GBA japanese Game.

or Saiyuki Phone straps (just got me a phone i can use them on yEAH)

I know its laughable, but i will buy these or trade. I have many items i havnt listed to sell that i will only trade for items I REALLY want.

so just msg me if you can help me out ne!

Thanks! =^.^=
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