starry_neko (starry_neko) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking for...

Ok..hopefully someone can help me because I have seached.. x_x;

I am looking for Peach Girl manga
I already have 1,4,and 8 of the original "Peach Girl" manga (I will take "Change of Heart" too) (weird I know...) BUT if you would like to sell yours as a set, then I will still take a look at them!! ^__^ I can pay anyway you would like me too and I actually do personally prefer Paypal (easier for both of us I say).

I would like the manga to be in ENGLISH (my japanese isn't that good x_x),if you could please..

**I ALSO have SEVERAL things that I could trade/partial trade you for if you're looking for something (I'm still working on this selling journal otherwise..I would have them up. I have several manga that I would trade for it or books, clothing, merch etc etc..we could do partial trades too..

I have 100 % positive feedback on Ebay too!! ^___^

**If you don't have the manga, but have merch or other Peach girl related things (artbooks, etc..) then I can take a look at those too..**

PLEASE help me find some Peach Girl manga..and I may love you forever *___________* LOL
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