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Looking for anything One Piece

Hey guys!

Okay, there was a post from a lovely seller not long ago who had a stack of One Piece items, but a lucky buyer snatched most of them up before I even saw it ._. so now I'm calling for your help again!

I am looking for One Piece merchandise!

I don't mean manga, or anime, since I already own both... but I'm looking for posters, keychains, jewellery (although there is one skull and crossbones necklace out there which, to me, looks nothing like One Piece merc...), doujinshi (shounen-ai/yaoi only), pins and miscellaneous items.

I live in Australia, and you have to be able to accept Paypal. If you have anything you'd like to sell, then please! There are no characters I dislike ^^

Email me at ronnieflame(at)hotmail.com WITH pics of the item you'd like to sell and the Subject line as One Piece Sales, a price you'd like for it, and I'll mail back to either haggle, accept or state that I already own it XD; I'm a hardcore fangirl here, so help me out!
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