kelly (_____kelly) wrote in garagesalejapan,

MARS volumes 1-15, plus MARS gaiden.
$80 shipped

All New Tenchi Muyo volumes 1-6, 8, and Sasami Stories
$40 shipped

Happy Hustle High voluems 1-3
$10 shipped

Socrates in Love
$5 shipped

Snow Drop volumes 1-6
My dog bit volumes 1 and 5.  There are small teeth marks on the covers.  Nothing is ripped or missing.
(Bottom corner of volume 1, top corner of volume 5)
$25 shipped

Saikano DVD volume 1.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Directors Cut: Resurrection.
$6 shipped each

Inuyasha size small tshirt, featuring Sango and Kagome
$8 shipped

 Cute back pack bag  :3
$11 shipped

Lots of little figures from Inuyasha and Sailor Moon

Inuyasha plush and Fruits Basket (Yuuki) hat
inuyasha plush $8 shipped
Yuuki hat $7 shipped

Ceres, Celestial Legend artbook by Yuu Watese
$5 shipped

A lot of random Chobits cards

Evangelion NERV shirt, size XS
$6 shipped

More items available at _____kelly
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