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PRE-OPENING Listing-Grab um' before the journal is up!

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PRE-OPENING listing-Grab it before it goes up!
Starry Neko Sales is Up SOON !

Here is a LISTING of everything I have for sale so far...For pics and info, please comment here until the journal is completely up!I just wanted to give some a chance to nab it now >O XD I NEED $35 ASAP! please help me ;_;..

** I have 100% Positive (39) feedback on Ebay (want to check,just ask ^^)**
**I take Paypal for right now..but if you have to pay another way, we can work something out ^^..
**I do take trades, right now I'm looking for the PEACH GIRL artbook..but anything else Peach Girl is nice too ^^
**PICTURES ARE AVAILABLE-Please ask for them-I am just trying to set up the journal right now, but want to get money to a certain person asap!**

Feel free to make offers on anything in this post!! ♥


Sailor Moon Volume 10-$7 shipped
Cardcaptor Sakura Volumes 1-6-Make an offer for the lot ^^
X/1999 Volumes 1-3-$15 shipped for the set
Tokyo Mew Mew-1,2,3,and 6-$5 shipped each or $15 shipped for the set.
Chobits Volume 1-$4 shipped
Negima Volume 1-$4 shipped
Ah! MY Goddess "Sympathy for the Devil"-$4 shipped

Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania -VERY RARE and in MINT condition (obi included) OVER 700 PGS LONG!-$25 shipped ON HOLD
TRIGUN Doujinshi Anthology:Red & Black-VashxWolfwood suggested. No smut. a tad thicker than a regular manga-Make an Offer
Final Fantasy VII Doujinshi-IKE IKE Fantasy! Adorable and Chibis!-$8 shipped
CloudxAerith doujinshi-Make an Offer

POPTEEN MAGAZINE-March 03-Make an Offer

"Trace Memory"-Nintendo DS-Played through once, in like NEW condition-make an offer ON HOLD

LOUIE the Rune Soldier Official THINPAK-This is BRAND NEW!-$25
Evangelion-Death and Rebirth-$10 shipped
NEGIMA! Limited Edition Volume 1 Box (more like a chest) (literally Brand New..I bought it and the Asuna figure was missing from it-DVD has never been watched and stickers are still inside)-Make an Offer

PLUSH and Merch.
Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) Plush-adorable!!(w/tags)-$10 shipped
KERO from Cardcaptor Sakura plush-$12 shipped
THE DOG plush-Absolutely adorable and LARGE-Make an offer
Various Sailor Moon mini figures including Jupiter, Rini, Ami, etc etc

FRUITSy Clothing
BLUE Sanrio shirt with checkered sleeves-hard to explain so you must see the picture (sz I can't really wear it anymore..if only it were a S/M .__. LOL) ^^-make an offer
Pink plaid school girl skirt-M-make an offer

For pictures or other information, please comment here or email me ^^ @
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