Miss Mya (feelingsuperior) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Miss Mya

Looking to buy sailormoon cards.... would rather buy a larger amount then one or two at a time (but if you think you have something that will catch my eye by all means show me)

I will be useing paypal only, cause Im lazy and thats really the only reason ;P...

In my early teens I had over 1000 sailormoon cards but my mother threw them out at one point in my midteen..........GOD DAMN IT!

Well my loss is your fianacial gain? Im looking to rebuild my collection... I now have 200..

Also please dont try and screw me over (its happened)... Im a nice person and karma will bite your ass if you do ;)

So, please post with pics or prices or both...or if you like email me @ ifollowgoldfish@hotmail.com..

and this is a long shot but Im also looking for the Artmeis version of this plushie ( i have luna shes lonely :()

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