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Big Sale: JRock, Gothic Lolita, And Anime Goodies

My roommate and I are trying to clear out a bunch of unwanted items from our small apartment to clear some of the clutter. So our loss is your gain as we are putting all of these items up for sale. Everything ranges from JRock (Malice Mizer, Lareine, Shazna, Dir en Grey, and Gackt) to anime (Sailor Moon and Gravitation) and Gothic Lolita (Please go here for those items- Mary Magdalene replica dress, Angelic Pretty replica dress, Alice bows, and a Metamorphose skirt).)

Rules for Sale
(Please Read Through These Before Bidding or Commenting)

- The auction for these items starts today (October 20th) and will end on Monday, October 23rd at Midnight, Central Time Zone.
- Please bid only if you are serious about an item. Once you bid you will be expected to send payment promptly within 5-7 days after the auction has ended. (This means that no payments should be received later than October 30th.)
- I will accept the following forms of Payment: US Postal Money Order, International Postal Money Order (if outside the United States) and PayPal. (Those paying with PayPal must also pay the fees incurred by PayPal itself.)
- Prices paid for items bid on does not include shipping.
- I will ship internationally but you much agree to pay the higher shipping that it will cost.
- Please feel free to e-mail at etrnlstar[at]hotmail[dot]com with any questions or comments. (PayPal payments will also be sent to this same e-mail address.)


(from right to left, then row 1 -> 2.... "Les Mizerables de Malice Mizer", "ma cherie", "merveilles", "retour" and "Livre Rose: Blanche")

Les Mizerables de Malice Mizer Starting Bid: $20
ma cherie Starting Bid: $20
merveilles Starting Bid: $20
Retour Starting Bid: $22
Livre Rose: Blanche Starting Bid: $25

* * *


(from right to left, then row 1 ->... Dir en Grey's "Vulgar" album; Malice Mizer's "apres midi"; Gackt's "Vanilla"; Lareine's "Chantons l'amour", Lareine's "ROMANCE苦命"; Malice Mizer's "Saikai no Chi to Bara"; Lareine's "Fleur"; Shazna's "Koibito", Shazna's "Gold Sun Silver Moon", Lareine's "Billet")

Vulgar Starting Bid: $25
apres midi Starting Bid: $18
Vanilla Starting Bid: $12
Chantons l'amour Starting Bid: $25
ROMANCE苦命 Starting Bid: $20
Saikai no Chi to Bara Starting Bid: $12
Fleur Starting BId: $12
Koibito $8
Gold Sun Silver Moon $8
Billet $15

* * *


(from left to right... Gravitation Vol 2, Gravitation Vol 3, Sailormoon Seal/Sticker Playset)

Gravitation Vol 2 Starting Bid: $10
Gravitation Vol 3 Starting Big: $10
Sailormoon Seal/Sticker Playset Starting Bid: $8

* * *

OLD SHOXX MAGAZINE - Vol 65, 1998 Featuring Luna Sea

* * *

Go here for a Mary Magdalene replica dress, Angelic Pretty replica dress, Alice bows, and a Metamorphose skirt in black

* * *

Thank you and happy bidding~!
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