ASH☆ (accela) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Guilty Gear Isuka, KMKM 1 & 2, Sensual Phrase

Hi guys! I've got the PS2 game, Guilty Gear Isuka for sale for $20 (includes shipping to US)

I can take a picture of it if you want, everything's included and it's pretty much brand new with the exception that the plastic wrap has been taken off.

I've also got 3 manga for sale for $5 each + $1 shipping (buy two, or all of them and it's still $1 shipping).

Kill Me, Kiss Me 1
Kill Me, Kiss Me 2
Sensual Kaikan) Phrase 1

I accept PayPal and quickly sent MO~ :3 I'll probably be listing more stuff this weekend.
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