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tons of stuff for you!

I really need to get rid of all of this. I haven't been interested in Japan for like, a year now and this stuff is just sitting around in my room taking up space! D: Please, PLEASE get all this off my hands! If you don't like a price, make a reasonable offer of your own! I'll proably accept it, that's how desperate I am.

I accept PAYPAL (preferred!) or if you absolutely cannot pay with Paypal, I'll accept concealed cash or check/money orders.

A replica of a necklace gackt used to wear all the time (does he still? idk)
Even if you're not into Gackt, you'll still get compliments on this all the time! I certainly did, even by middle-aged customers at work, haha!
PRICE: 10$ shipped

Aww, little kawaii chihuahua pouch! 5" x 7", clear plastic pvc.
PRICE: 4$ shipped

Crazy huge 100+ piece kawaii AUTHENTIC japanese grabby set.
PRICE: 10$ shipped

Two Japanese dictionaries, in near perfect condition. Teach yourself the language of Japan!
PRICE: 13$ shipped for BOTH

MANGA LOT!!! They are all Vol. 1 of each series, except Kare Kano (which is Vol. 6). I'm just going to throw these away if no one wants them... They were only read through once!
PRICE: 17$ shipped for ALL OF THEM - amazing deal!!

Gush Mania Vol. 2 aka dirty yaoi porn. ;] This book is HOTTTT let me tell you. But I've looked at the pictures enough, now it's someone elses turn!
PRICE: 10$ shipped

Keroppi wristband! I love Keroppi... he's my favourite Sanrio guy. But I have tattoos on my wrists now, so I don't want to cover them up! Give Keroppi a good home!
PRICE: 4$ shipped

Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out heartcxxxre for more great sales! :D
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