quirky_rikku (quirky_rikku) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Manga for sale!

Hiya! I have some manga for sale.

I have GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka volumes 1-6

Love Hina volumes 1 and 2.

They are in very good condition. Some of them have never been read. Great Teacher Volume 1 has a "Love ya! - J" written on the back of it in gold pen, but you cant really see it that well...it was given to me. Other than that, the others I bought myself.

I'm asking $5 dollars each. But I'm asking $4 on GTO volume 1 because of the mark. this doesn't include shipping (psst, i dont know how much shipping is XD)

So...Uhm...If you wana buy them, post here. Thanks.

oh crap, i forgot...I take paypal...and I prefer paypal however if you want to send cash, send at your own risk :D
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