creepy twin (faerionette) wrote in garagesalejapan,
creepy twin

last call on anime and manga + pins and hats!

I'm selling some anime goods! Please take a look! All shipping costs are for the U.S. and Canada, ask about international prices before agreeing to buy. Thanks!


Full Metal Panic Vol. 1-5 w/ art box

I don't have a picture yet, but if you are interested and need a picture, let me know and I will get one. ^^

One of the cases is broken, but I can probably swap it out with one of my DVDs so that all the cases are in great conditions. DVDs have only been watched once or twice.

Price: $30 + $5 shipping

Fruits Basket Yuki & Kyo [KYO ON HOLD] hats. Used, but in good shape. Yuki has a little spot of something on one side, but it's not that noticeable since it's close to the same color as the hat. ^^

Price: $7 each + $2 shipping

Envy capsule figurine. I don't have the capsule anymore. Great condition. He tends to lean forward a bit, but can still stand.

Price: $3 + $2 shipping[ON HOLD]

Loki can badge set. Light scratching, but not noticeable unless you're right on top of them. XD I will only sell as a set. This is official merchandise from Japan.

Price: $6 + $2 shipping

Anime pins. (Saito, Sanosuke, Kenshin, Washu [ON HOLD], Ryoko [OH HOLD], Gojyo) Great condition.

Price: $2 each + $2 shipping

Demon Diary complete manga series (1-7)

Great condition, minimal shelf wear. Only read once.

Price: $40 including shipping or $6 per book including shipping.

Payment: I greatly prefer PAYPAL since it's safe and easy, but if you absolutely cannot pay with Paypal, I will accept money orders(International Postal Money Orders ONLY if you live outside the U.S.A.) and very well concealed cash at your own risk. This means that if your money does not arrive, you will not get your item or your money back.

Holding: I will only hold items for a maximum of 7 days.

Also, for those of you who collect individual DVDs before box sets are released, I have some empty boxes. When people weren't interested in the DVDS they held, I sold them to my local Half Price books, who didn't take the boxes. If anyone wants any of these, and are willing to pay for shipping [about $3 per box unless there's more than one that you want], you can have the boxes for free. ^__^

I have boxes for:

Super Gals
Chrono Crusade [SOLD]
Gungrave [SOLD]
Heat Guy J (Box 1)
Gravitation [SOLD]

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