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Ending today~!

The following auctions will be ending within 2-6 hours from the time of this post:

*JUST BRING IT! LIVE TOUR 2002 photobook
*MOON CHILD photobook
*LIVE L'Arc~en~Ciel Documentary photos of the live tour & backstage photobook
*LIFE L'Arc~en~Ciel Private scenes at Hawaii,New York & Switzerlandphotobook
*TOSHI: Beyond the Moment photobook
*TOSHI & Ryuhei Kawada Seven Days (ぼくらが語りあった7日間) photobook, [photographs done by TOSHI, words by Kawada]
*1997河村隆一 {natural} photobook
*pure soul" TOUR '98 VHS
*HIT THE WORLD GLAY Arena Tour '97 at Yoyogidaiichitaiikukan VHS
*VIDEO GLAY 2 VHS [1. More than Love, 2. Yes,Summerdays, 3.GURORIASU 4.Ikiteku Tuyosa 5. Zutto Hutari de...]
*mugen no deja vu DOCUMENT OF "BEATout!" TOURS VHS
*The Message manga

Also, poster[2 different auctions, same poster style] and tour pamphlet from recent GLAY THE FRUSTRATED ~extreme~ tour.

Please take a look if you are interested in any of the above items!

Thank you~! =^_^=
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