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:O~ last postie XD

Otay~ so o_o; my last sale post go me confused and some people never replied after the first comments they made, and I don't like to sale things to other people if someone else seemed interested first (e.e; so I got confused XD and so I'll put up what's still here ) The prices on Manga's went up a dollar because I'm sweating shipping but I think that's it (its still five if you asked for them in the old post):

Note all prices include shipping if in the USA


Ryuu Shoxx poster - holding to see if hyper_aesthesia wants it cause I love him

Promo Papers:
$2.00w/ shipping - Mar' deravla - good conditon, has one pen hole in the middle from being on my wall

make offer - Duel Jewel Keychain still has the tag thing on it

$10.00w/ shipping - Nightmare Believe single good conditon, the cover with only one chess peice.

Posters make offers cause I have no clue since they'd need to be shipped in a tube:

-Yu Yu Hakasho promo poster, has 5 of them on it
-Project G.A? small poster, no idea who it is has 5 girls on it ^_^; cute?
-Fruits Basket promo poster, has Torhu, Kyo, Yuki, Sagure (don't get mad I don't know how to spell their names e.e) and Torhu's also holding Yuki and Kyo in their animal forms
-Kindom Heart promo poster

Movies (DVD):
Tenchi Forever - The Movie - $6/w shipping
Tenchi Muyo in Love - The Movie - $5/w shipping
Princess Mononoke - movie - $8/w shipping
Yu-Gi-Oh - Vo. 4, give up the ghost eps. 10-12 - $5/w shipping
BubbleGum Crisis - last five eps - $4/w shipping
DragonBallZ the movie: Dead Zone (unopened) - $5/w shipping


Evangelion - Ayanami Rei Bandage Type - Series 01 - 06 - still in box, box has a little damage to it

Mangas 6/w shipping:

Under the Glass Moon - 1
To Heart - vols: 1
Pretear - vols: 1,2
Remote - vols: 1
Snow Drop - Vols: 1,2,3,4,5
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