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... i still have these items for sale!

i'll lj-cut the list since some of us here have some problems with it...

english mangas!

Ragnarok $5 shipped!
Marmalade Boy 1-4 $6 each

Anime Region 1 dvd US release (unless noted)

Gate Keepers vols. 1-3 R1 dvd (Pioneer) $15 each

Sakura Diaries vols. 1-4 R1 dvd (ADV) $14 each

Real Bout High School vol. 4 R1 dvd (Tokyopop) $10

The Vision Of Escaflowne 3 dvd set (all-region) $28 shipped! -- i think this is honkong dvd but it's
dual language (japanese and enlish) and has english subtitles
it's also like the US release (particularly the voices)

***Anime VHS tapes (all dubbed and original licensed) all prices of these includes shipping
Ayane's High Kick $5
Perfect Blue: The Director's Cut $7
*Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3 $4 each
*Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle $4

GateKeepers vol. 4 vhs tape (dubbed) in very good condition and kinda brand new! $6 shipped! and has the limited item id tag for kaoru

Princess Mononoke playing cards $4

and some pictures available here and the list of other items for sale!!! >>> <<<

...let me know if you want something... thanks!

aim: khulukhai1986
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