L★♥°♣♦♠☆彡 (peachii) wrote in garagesalejapan,

stuff for sale!

please offer a price! i accept money order, and concealed cash. you can reply here, or email me at latiesha@gmail.com.

the items aaaare:

manga (english, tokyopop):
cardcaptor sakura #1,2,4,5,6 pic1,pic2.
cardcaptor sakura (master of the clow): #1,3,5 pic1.
chobits #1-5 pic1
happy mania #1 pic1.

vhs (english):
cardcaptors the movie (1st one, and includes Froggy Mix "No Nagging" music video) pic1.

rurouni kenshin dvds (yes they are legit :P):
wandering samurai - false prophet - eps 13-17
legend of kyoto - between life and death - eps 40-43
legend of kyoto - blind justice - eps 48-52
tales of the meiji - holy war - eps 71-74
tales of the meiji - fall from grace - eps 75-78
tales of the meiji - dreams of youth - eps 79-82
tales of the meiji - souless knights - eps 83-86
tales of the meiji - a shinobi's love - eps 87-90

how to draw manga volume 5 (developing shoujo manga techniques) pic1.

the brilliant green - angel song pic1, pic2, pic3.

thanks for looking~!
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