yay_affluenza (yay_affluenza) wrote in garagesalejapan,

holiday shoppin'

One of my other housemates is really into yaoi anime. Really, reeeeally into it. She already has many, many commercially released graphic novels and DVDs, so I'm hoping for things like figurines, art books, and doujinshi. If you have anything unusual like shot glasses or lighters, I'll consider 'em - no pencil boards/school supplies, clothing, or posters please. She likes Inu-Yasha stuff too.

I'm very strongly favoring trades right now, but will consider buying if you have something absolutely fantastic. Please peruse my journal (just click on my name) if you'll consider trading. I'll also be available for commissioned art and short-term editorial and web production jobs as of January (images and resume available on request).
all set, thanks!

My own wants list of assorted oddments is here - not all of the stuff on there is anime/manga/Japanese, but many of the comics and films I'm looking for are.

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