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06 December 2006 @ 08:19 pm
Goods for sale~  

Manga is $6 each. All are in near-mint condition in a smoke-free environment.
There are:
Hellsing 1
Your and my Secret 1
Nana 1 SOLD
Fushigi Yugi  11

If you buy two - $9 total, three, $12, all four, $15.

The Doujinshi is from Yami no Matsuei entitled 'Spicy Red'. It is a VERY graphic TsuzukixHisoka.

January and February '06 issues of Fools Mate!
Kiyoharu issue - $10 (on account I no longer have the DVD that was included)
Gackt issue - $12
Both: $18

It's a bit hard to tell from the picture, but these are CDs:
Mahoromatic OST 1 - $10
His and Her Circumstances Act.2.0 - $10
Ai Yori Aoshi OST(small crack on front) - $9
Stellvia Character Song Album(small crack on front and back) $8.

Buy one CD at the listed price, get each additional CD for $6.

Sanrio set! Yes, all these pieces are sold together.
The only unpackaged item is the Chibi Maru glow in the dark stickers. They were to go to my niece for Xmas but she broke into my closet and found them. Therefore, they're not hers anymore. However! Every piece is still intact, including all of the double-sided stickies, the package re-taped.
We have:
Chibi Maru glow in the dark wall clings
Hello Kitty stationary with envelopes and stickers
Hello Kitty plastic stickers
Tare Panda notebook.
$15 total.

There are things ranging from Jrock magazines to Sanrio! All items are priced with the shipping included for American buyers. Canada is $2 more.
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