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visual kei / jrock


I have a group of over 50 jrock and visual kei flyers for sale on ebay as well as a lot of Due le quartz and Miyavi goods. Both ending soon!

Also for sale:


Belcute - ベルクトリカル パレード (belectrical parade)
1st full album, first press limited edition. Stamped with serial #209 (out of 1000). Comes with sticker. Open, in like new condition with obi strip. 7 songs.

Kagerou - 火炙りの数え歌 Hiaburi no kazoeuta
$15 [2002.07.10]
1. 午前三時の太陽光線 (Gozen sanji no taiyou kousen)
2. 鬱 (Utsu)
3. リストカッター (Wrist cutter) [remake]
7. うがい (Ugai) [hidden track]

Porori - 暑中お見舞い (SHOCHU OMIMAI)
$23 Sealed - Brand New! 03.7.18
1. 暑中お見舞い
2. ワンパンK.O.
3. 劣歌
4. 若気ノ至リ
5. 秋風のメモリー
6. エール ~成せば、成る!!~

$15 04.3.24
2. 青春白書
3. 三度目の正直

MASK feat.MICHIRU - MICHIE LAND (ミッチィーランド)
1. ミッチーノイローゼ(ラメ)
2. 色オニ(MASK)
3. 楽園(未散プロジェクト)
4. 接吻(未散プロジェクト)
5. フレームオブマインド(L'yse:nore)
6. デプロファンデス(L'yse:nore)
7. ∞(S to M)
8. メモリーズ(S to M)
9. 眠り姫(未散プロジェクトM+K)
10. エンド(kaila)


Merry - 2 Autographed Third Stage cards
2 7"x7" posterboard with Merry & Third Stage logos on it. One is signed by each band member in silver paint. The other has a picture of the band on it and a picture of the cover of the single they were promoting, Koseiha Blend ~Tasogare-hen~. It is signed by the band members in black permanent marker.
Make an offer!

Fatima - Autographed Third Stage card
7"x7" posterboard with Fatima & Third Stage logos on it. Has a color picture of each band member on it and says "New Maxi Single M:I-44." Under the pictures is the autograph of each member in black permanent marker.
Make an offer!

All CDs are first press & come with obi strips
All discs are either brand new or like new condition
Photos upon request
Media mail is $2, priority mail is $3.85
I can accept paypal, check, money order, pretty much whatever...

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