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I'm back, people, and I have more goodies to offer! Curl up by the heater with these good manga, bound to whet your appetite for romance, action, adventure, and other things that regular comics can't offer you.

Ugh, that was a horrible lead-in. But here are the goods!

Eerie Queerie! (US Version) - $7 + shipping): The first volume of Eerie Queerie, in pretty good condition, slight wear and tear due to reading (hey, I liked the manga). The front and back covers are bent, but the pages are otherwise in tact.

Alice 19th (Original Version) - Make an Offer: The very first volume of Alice 19th from beloved mangaka Watase Yuu. It is in excellent condition, still in it's plastic wrapper and untouched. For those who are interested in keeping with the original versions, this is a keeper!!

Codename Sailor V - Make an Offer: Yes, that's right! Whether you're a new fan, or a die-hard fan that's never gotten a chance to see where it all began, I have a brand-spanking new copy of the first volume of Codename Sailor V, the precursor to the popular Sailor Moon series (i know, I just might post them on the PGSM community, too). It is great condition, with a slight bend on the back cover (put it was purchased that way). Definitely a great find, as it was never translated and released in the US.

I also can acquire the original sailor moon manga in Japanese, and coming soon...the original Paradise Kiss Manga (all five manga!) and xxxHolic (volumes one through four), and other types JRock and other cool magazines (teengirl, Seventeen, Ray, JJ, Junon, and other manga). Email me at daisuki_dm@yahoo.com or comment here if you are interested!

Thanks for reading this!
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