Danielle (mordath) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime DVDs for sale

All DVDs are R1 licensed releases (no bootlegs), $15 unless otherwise noted, shipping not included. If you're interested, email me at my gmail address, windscythe. I have manga for sale as well, but I don't have the titles with me at the moment. I accept Paypal and money orders.

-Corrector Yui 1-3
-Witch Hunter Robin 6
-Brigadoon 1
-Gravitation 4
-Inu Yasha Special Limited Edition (discs 1-3) with calendar - $25
-Kai Doh Maru u1
-K.O. Beast 1
-S-CRY-ed 1 with box - $25
-S-CRY-ed 2-3
-Slayers TRY boxset - $60
-Dangaizer 3 1
-Spirit Warrior (Peacock King) 1
-Cardcaptors 1
-Twelve Kingdoms 1
-Love Hina Spring Movie
-Love Hina Again
-Kiddy Grade 1 with LE box - $25
-Kiddy Grade 2-8
-Bubblegum Crisis 2040 1-6

-Love Hina Movie box (empty) - $15
-Fruits Basket metal Paul Champaign box (empty) - $25
-Bubblegum Crisis 2040 LE metal box, numbered (empty) - $25
-Ceres Celestial Legend metal Paul Champaigne box (empty) - $25
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